Restore Your Body

Massage Packages

Lomi Lomi Ola

60 minutes – $80

Inspired by traditional teachings and the warmth of Aloha, our Lomi Lomi practitioners have been trained by teachers whose lineage’s can be traced since the earliest in Hawaiian times. Taught as a concept of well-being, in addition to massage therapy, our therapists practice Ho’oponopono as a way of life so as to be in the right frame of mind and heart to intuitively personalize your session to address specific physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. Therapists incorporate various Lomi Lomi techniques to help alleviate tension and pain in the body. Please enjoy this nurturing, restorative “Lomi Ola” experience.


50 minutes – $65

Japanese from shi, meaning finger, and atsu, meaning pressure. This traditional hands-on therapy involves applying pressure to special points or ares on the body in order to maintain physical and mental well being. Shiatsu is used to improve circulation and boost the immune system.

Body Rituals

Kona coffee and vanilla body ritual

80 minutes – $120

Experience the intoxicating and indigenous ingredients of the Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Kaua’i clay and vanilla. This body envelopment ritual detoxifies and purifies the skin from free-radicals and stress from the environment. A body massage using coconut vanilla cream replenishes your soul and completes this therapeutic ritual. Finish with a complimentary shot of Kona Red antioxidant elixir. Not recommended for guests with caffeine sensitivity.

Heavenly body moisture wrap

50 minutes – $110

Hala Kahiki or pineapple is combined with Rooibos red tea to stimulate your skin. Surrounded in tropical scents, you’ll be treated to a dry brushing ritual to increase circulation, followed by a replenishing wrap. While you are enveloped in our enzyme-rich pineapple and Rooibos gel, delight in a comforting neck and shoulder or facial massage to release tension and stress and finish with a soothing lotion application. Continue to enjoy this exfoliating ritual at home with complimentary Moana Lani Spa dry brush.

Moana’s post-sun ritual

50 minutes – $125

The perfect retreat after a day at the beach, this post-sun ritual envelops you in a cooling wrap to soothe and moisturize your body. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins that heal and nourish a sunburned skin, aloe vera gel is gently smoother over you and finished off with a scalp massage and oil treatment. Your entire body will feel protected and revitalized.

Heavenly glow skin

Kona coffee and vanilla facial

80 minutes – $105

Experience the organic and indigenous ingredients of Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Kaua’i clay and vanilla. This facial ritual detoxifies and purifies the skin from free-radicals and environmental stresses. Begin with an invigorating back facial. Followed by a Hula’ili’ili stone massage that will complete this therapeutic ritual. Finish with a complimentary shot of Kona Red antioxidant elixir. Not recommended for guests with caffeine sensitivity.

Pearl illumination

80 minutes – $120

A pure natural glow is unveiled during this facial which includes gentle exfoliation using mineral salts and crushed pearl powder to smooth skin followed by intense oxygenating enzymes. Signs of fatigue, jet lag and stress give way to a healthy glow.


50 minutes – $50   |   80 minutes – $70

Completely customized care for men that leaves the face thoroughly cleansed, deeply hydrated and protected.

Custom organic glow

50 minutes – $60   |   80 minutes – $80

Utilizing natural, seasonal organic elements and time-tested facial massage techniques, your consultant will select, according to your needs, a ritual designed to address your skincare goals. You will be elevated to a new plane of relaxation and your natural beauty restored.

Advanced treatments

Step up your treatment regimen with a detailed face and skin consultation. In addition to your technology-powered advanced treatment featuring chemical-free, active ingredients and advanced techniques, you will receive a plan of action to achieve your skincare goals and recommendations on homecare.

Ageless beauty facial

60 minutes – $90

Specially formulated serums combine with a collagen biomatrix mask, organic plant extracts, and luxurious European creams for the facial of a lifetime. Intense hydration and anti-aging serums complete this very exclusive and unique treatment.

Pure skin facial

80 minutes – $120

Created exclusively to eliminate and control blemishes from acne and over-active oil glands. Your esthetician will gently and effectively exfoliate with sugar cane extracts and semi-precious gemstones. Followed by purifying, balancing and protecting, your skin with vitamins A, B6, E, and C. Amazing and healthy results.

Enhancement rituals

Add in the following enhancementsto any facial ritual to customize your journey further. These enhancements will not add additional time onto your service.

Heavenly hands or feet

$10 each

Moisturizing paraffin hand or foot treatment.



An eye mask helps revive the delicate eye area by reducing swelling and puffiness, minimizing dark circles, and softening expression lines around the eyes.

Ferulic apple treatment


An apple and vitamin C derived exfoliating treatment. Enjoy 2-4 days of anti-oxidant protection and hyper pigmentation prevention. This add-on is only available for the 80 minute Custom Organic Glow.